Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Home » What is the Slow Carb Diet?

Tim Ferriss written the book 4-Hour Body after a 10 year obsessive quest to find what big results can be produced from the tiniest changes that will change one’s body shape and from his research the slow carb diet is promoted in his book.

Simply the slow-carb diet has four rules where persons follow for six days in a week. On the 7th day it is known as a cheat day and no rule is applied, dieters are required to drink and eat whatever they want.

Number 1 Rule: “white” carbohydrates must be Avoid. This means no dairy, breaded fried food, potatoes, pasta, grains, rice, or bread. Though it is White foods are known to be high in rapid burn energy it is nutrient-poor. Keeping away from them means do not spike your insulin and sugar levels. Surprisingly he suggests you must also avoid steel-cut oats and whole grains.

Dairy products are a part of white carbohydrate category due to a high insulin reaction to dairy. This is regardless of the fact that its GI has a low ranking.

Number 2 Rule: You must try to consume the same limited meals several times over. Ideally meals should include non-starchy vegetables, legumes and protein. You have no limit on the quantity of what you can consume however you must aim to eat four or three times a day.

For persons with little time on their hands he recommends you use canned and frozen foods for easier meal preparation.

The cornerstone of a diet is vegetable and Meats. Substitute beans and legume for vegetarians.

Number 3 Rule: Don’t drink calories. Fruit juice, sweetened drinks and also you should keep away from all milk. However, red wine is permitted but only one to two glasses.

Number 4 Rule: Only fruits that are permitted are avocados and tomatoes. Ferriss recommends that you must avoid fruit particularly fruit juice due to how fructose is metabolized.

There are common mistakes persons regularly make when on slow carb diet and Tim Ferriss points them out and offers tips to side step these mistakes. You should: acquire at minimum 20g of protein each meal, particularly at breakfast, exercise should not be overdone, drink lots of water, specifically on the “cheat” day, take calcium, magnesium and potassium supplements, within 30-60 minutes of waking you can eat and try to avoid non-natural sweeteners.

Tim Ferriss states fat that is saturated is acceptable if the meat eaten is free of antibiotics and hormones. He recommends you must opt for macadamia oil, ghee, butter or olive oil.