Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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What is PAGG Stack

pagg stack

As it relates to losing weight quickly, a number of individuals have sought out diets that have been proven to guarantee fast weight loss.  Generally this includes diets such as Atkins that despite the fact that there are a number of debates about, have proven to reduce fat dramatically.

At present, the PAGG Stack is a fresh diet from the United States.  Timothy Ferriss tested a number of supplements on himself with the intention of coming up with the ideal stack of supplements for losing weight with no side effects or effort and with not having to change your diet.  Complete details are provided in ‘The 4 Hour Body,’ Timothy Ferriss’ book that has been on the number one best seller list on Amazon and the New York Times as well.

Now the United Kingdom is catching up and an increasing amount of hype has been created about this mix of supplements which will help you to lose weight. Individuals in the United Kingdom who typed ‘PAGG’ into their search engines a month ago would find results in relation to turbans; however, now it is all about these supplements as individuals rush to discover additional information and purchase the product which ensures that they quickly lose weight.


The PAGG Stack Supplement Program

Carbohydrates are directed into your liver or muscle by the supplements instead of into fat and that means everything you consume during the day will be stored in a distinct way.

A great feature of the stack is that kills the fat cells that are hard to kill, preventing the regaining of fat.  This is an extremely essential component of the stack.  In contrast to Atkins or other weight loss methods, this will make sure that you do not instantly start re-filling fat cells and the regain that you experience subsequent to finishing conventional diets.

The PAGG Stack comprises 4 supplements, even though it is possible to get a combination of supplements. They include:

  • Green Tea
  • Garlic Extract
  • Alpa-Lipoic Acid
  • Policosanol

They must be taken in the correct order and with the accurate amounts of Allicin and EGCG; therefore, ensure that you visit websites that have the right information with the aim of guiding you on the best locations to purchase the PAGG stack.

Timothy Ferriss has a list of the websites from which he purchases his supplements; however, in the United Kingdom this could turn out to be really expensive.


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