Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Home » What is Green Tea Extract?

The origin of tea I not something that was invented in a science lab, in fact this beverage came about because leaves fell and accidentally ended up in some boiling water. Since then its popularity is continually growing so much so that it is not the second most drank beverage throughout the world. Though there’s black and green tea both are made from the same tree, the difference is in the processing method between the two. Both processes cause antioxidant activity but green tea’s production is six times greater.

The preparation of green tea extract entails leaves being picked from a tree, steamed lightly then setting them to dry. The green tea active constituents are family of flavonols and polyphenols (catechins); these are potent in the activity of antioxidant. Green tea extract has catechin in abundant amount this is known as EGCG; also its antioxidant is so potent it might have properties that are therapeutic for several disorders. Green tea extract has major functions in the body and they are: Antioxidative, Bariatric (Weight Loss), (Blood Sugar-Lowering) Hypoglycemic,   Anti-Inflammatory, (Cholesterol-Lowering) Anticholesterol, Anti-Arthritic.

Green tea extract enthusiasts enjoy drinking it of the benefits of antioxidant extracted from it. It was found that green tea extract flavanols has important ingredient called EGCG also known as Epigallocatechine gallate it was incorporated in the supplement stack PAGG.

In the 1990’s EGCG became an interest to Japanese scientists and nutritionists. Within their respected fields scientist found that it has essential preventative properties which efficiently deter ultraviolet damages to the skin, as a result deduces the risk of skin cancer. It does not stop at skin cancer EGCG has other properties in the antioxidant to decrease the risk of other types of cancer too.

Generally, for tea drinkers they are not aware that EGCG has very little presents in most bags of tea in most of their local supermarkets. This is due to the fact that the EGCG concentration is depleted during the manufacturing process. As such the antioxidant is also reduced making it less effective in the fight against human cell that might cause tumours. However, there are still good news tea fanatics; the stack of PAGG has adequate amount of flavanols in the Green tea extract. This means that all supplement tables has satisfactory amount of EGCG.

Timothy Ferriss states that to get the same dosage of EGCG from tea drinking the individual must drink multiple cups which means there are high levels of caffeine being ingested.