Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Home » What is Alpha-lipoic Acid?

The PAGG weight loss management program is a scientific mixture of materials that are tested and discovered by Timothy Ferriss, who is a lifestyle designer as well as the author of the top selling book ‘The 4 Hour Body.’  Using the PAGG formula in combination with a high protein, low-carb diet that is free from all sugars and white carbohydrates will give an incredible body makeover by producing rapid fat reduction and weight loss.  Among the ingredients included in PAGG is the Alpha-lipoic acid.

In contrast to other antioxidants Alpha-lipoic acid is both water and fat soluble so it could work throughout the body.  As a result of its solubility in fats and water and antioxidant properties it is called “Universal antioxidant.”  One of the essential property of Alpha-lipoic acid is that it could cross blood brain barrier easily and provides the nervous tissue with anti-oxidant properties.

ALA or Alpha-lipoic acid is a free radical scavenger and strong antioxidant which has been proven to renew vitamin E and vitamin C; re-establish intracellular glutathione levels, which is an essential antioxidant that goes on the decline as individuals age and boost emission of toxic metals like mercury.  In the 1970s, it was first synthesized and tested as a treatment for chronic liver diseases.  The intravenous intrusions reversed the disease in 75 of the 79 subjects that were experimented on.

As a result of its striking and impressive effects, ALA’s most remarkable feature is its obvious deficiency in toxicity in human beings.  Its No Observable Adverse Effect Level or NOAEL is 60 milligrams for each kilogram of body weight and this would make as much as 4,091 milligrams for each day, which is safe for an individual who is 68kg or 10.7st.  The dosage for this stack is 300-900 milligrams for each day.  It is important to note that despite the fact that Alpha-lipoic acid occurs naturally in a quantity of organic vegetables and meats, including broccoli and spinach, the quantities are trace.

Originally, Timothy Ferriss started taking ALA for its reduced triglyceride product and remarkable effect on glucose uptake.  He wanted to amplify muscular absorption of the supplements and calories that he was consuming and Alpha-lipoic acid turned out to be the force multiplier that was just right.  Absorption of additional calories into the muscles means faster strength gains and that a smaller amount of calories are deposited in the form of fat.