Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Home » What is Aged Garlic Extract?

Garlic has a powerful effect on weight loss and it is famously credited by Tim Ferriss. However, garlic’s credentials not only come from Ferris but also its fat burning abilities is a lot more rooted in scientific findings. More specifically when speaking of reducing low density cholesterol, combating atherosclerosis, and its natural antioxidant comes down to its cholesterol production. A part of the usual Mediterranean diet Garlic is found, often recommended for a healthy life and weight management.

A part from Aged Garlic Extract being in the area of fat loss, many other recorded health benefits are found in garlic. Frequently described to be a ‘nature’s antibiotic’, considerable garlic shows anti-fungal properties and antiseptic because of its high amount of sulphurous combinations. They also work has a form of insect repellent and possibly a repellent for other humans, where it is eaten in large quantities!

Regardless of folklores of centuries interestingly the biochemical pathways where garlic takes effect documentations are not conclusive. It is essential not to forget that because it is a natural substance, the composition of garlic is thousands of varied basic molecules, few of which are possibly never have been isolated to be tested, and the information found is

Interestingly despite centuries of folklore the biochemical pathways with which garlic takes effect are not conclusively documented.  It is important to remember that as a natural substance, garlic comprises thousands of different constituent molecules, some of which have probably never been isolated and tested, and the data we have is experimental.

One of the most powerful antioxidant extracted from garlic is Allicin and at its strongest if the garlic itself has been crushed and macerated, but rapidly degrades after extracting it. Still Tim Ferriss’ host of volunteers gained their best outcomes from the aged garlic extract that on delivery doesn’t have any bioavailable allicin.  The fact is, unless you consume the garlic raw by cloves, though very harsh it is a technique that treats ones digestive system. However, it is unlikely that a lot of the allicin will be ingested directly, also if cooked will degrade rapidly. Then how is it that aged garlic extract can be so effective and it is lacking it.

Aged garlic extract has S-Allyl cysteine which is an important precursor to allicin, this they might explain these results.  The outcomes were then followed because in the preparation of their PAGG stack, since Ferriss’ research within 10 years was very conclusive on explaining what made it the most effective high with allicin potential aged garlic extract with no ingredients removed.

What does Timothy Ferriss say about it?

“Garlic extract and its constituent parts have been used for applications ranging from cholesterol management to inhibiting lethal MRSA staph infections. Strangely, test subjects and I have had the best fat-loss results with extracts designed to deliver relatively high doses of allicin. Allicin, if delivered in a stable form, appears to have the ability to inhibit fat regain. The reason our results were “strange” relates to the “stable form” bit. Most research indicates that allicin should have almost zero bioavailability more than six days after extraction from garlic cloves, particularly after exposure to stomach acid. Our confounding results could be due to a combination of other organic components, most notably one precursor to allicin: S-Allyl cysteine (alliin). S-Allyl cysteine exhibits outstanding oral bioavailability, near 100% in large mammals.14 Until further research concludes otherwise, I suggest using an aged-garlic extract (AGE) with high allicin potential that includes all constituent parts, including S-Allyl cysteine. I’ve tried consuming it fresh, chomping on cloves, and it isn’t kind to your digestive tract. If you are going the whole-food route, use it in your cooking to prevent stomach self-destruction. For precision and convenience, I use supplements to reach my target baseline in dosing, and I use extra garlic in food for delectable (but not necessary) insurance above that baseline.”

Ferriss, Timothy (2010-12-14). The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman (pp. 119-120). Crown Archetype. Kindle Edition.